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Casey Rose Shevin



“Being a divorce litigator felt like being a cog in a machine that produces a broken widget; the adversarial court system is designed for criminals, not families - it’s time to find a better way.”

Casey began her career in the Massachusetts State Senate where she developed her deep listening, compromise, and advocacy skills as a legislative aide. Her desire to improve the way individuals interact with the legal system brought her to Georgetown Law where she fell in love with family law.

As a divorce and family law attorney, Casey has seen how the adversarial nature of litigation serves to heighten the conflict, costs and stress of divorce. No matter how well Casey did her job at a litigator, she found her clients were never satisfied with the process. In an effort to adapt to our society's changing expectations for divorce, Casey founded Family Centered Law & Mediation PC offering peaceful, efficient, and supportive conflict resolution processes that promote healthy families. Her approach as a divorce and parenting mediator is a practical and compassionate one.

Casey joined divorceify’s founding team because she is passionate about improving the divorce process for families. Those facing divorce need more than just legal support, they also need financial, emotional and personal guidance.  Divorceify is developing the one-stop-shop that families in conflict desperately need. 

Casey is currently living in Manhattan with her husband where she enjoys urban gardening and escaping the city for adventures in nature whenever she can.