Author: Sheila Petersen

As a child of divorce, and being divorced myself, I know firsthand the incredible influence divorce has on one’s life experience. Each of my divorce experiences shaped me in ways I never could have predicted at the time, yet time and reflection has led me to understand that these experiences have led me to my best self - producing an incredibly beautiful life of clarity, direction and purpose. Are you ready to find your best self after divorce?

It’s important to note that our parent’s story of separation, doesn’t have to be our story. Our story of separation doesn’t have to be our children’s story. After years of reprogramming my thoughts, beliefs, patterns and feelings, I began to realize I could rewrite my story. I could have the future and the relationship and the self-love I desired. This was within my control. This is what I set out to do.

I began by putting myself first. I rediscovered simple things that made me happy like listening to music, taking a walk in nature and surrounding myself with positive and uplifting friends and family. I decided that my work was to engage in behavior that felt good and nourishing to me. I chose to get uncomfortable and try something new because that’s how I learn. I signed up for classes and arrived solo to master the feelings of loneliness. I thought, I was simply doing a task that required my independence. I learned to master anything that triggered me in an unhealthy way. I learned that there was a reason something didn’t feel good. I got curious. I got to the root, I got clear and I solved my why. My higher goal was and still is - to always feel good. This gave me clarity.

I began to journal my perfect day. What did I want in my life? What did I not want in my life? Who would be a perfect match for me? I began asking myself questions like, ‘What have I learned from this experience?’ and ‘How would the best version of me show up so that I could attract a healthy new relationship when the time was right?’ I began to be more mindful, get present and slow down. That’s where the real magic happens. This gave me direction.

I began to believe that I deserved happiness and good fortune in my life. No matter all of the toxicity that one endures. We have a choice. The choice is ultimately to feel good in all areas of life. What would your life look like if you had more feelings of feeling good? What would your life look like if you could be happier? What would your life look like if you could feel the love and the butterflies all over again? This gave me purpose.

Over time, I changed my thinking and I continue to change my life. I found my best self after divorce. You can too.

Are you ready to rewrite your story? Contact me today to find your best self after divorce.

Sheila Petersen

About the Author: I have helped people transform their personal and professional lives via my newsletters, seminars, private one-on-one coaching and blog. I am a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I began my Holistic Health & Lifestyle practice, Life Elemental five years ago to help men, women and children feel empowered and accountable to make better food and lifestyle choices. I have a passion for helping people navigate change and making it fun. I love sharing what I know with those eager to learn and grow. If this sounds like you, click here to schedule a 30 minute discovery session to see if we're a fit.

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