Sonia Queralt



“Divorce is hard. Really hard. We need people in our corner to meet us wherever we are in the process and support us throughout our journey. Divorce is not the end of your life, it is an opportunity to start a new chapter.”

Sonia’s passion for supporting and empowering people facing legal conflict began in Washington, D.C., where she advocated for domestic violence victims seeking the court’s protection while earning her bachelor’s degree from American University. It was there that Sonia first saw the challenges people face while navigating the legal system, and the damaging effect it can have on their lives. Since then Sonia has dedicated her career to helping people and families get through the Family Court system as whole as possible.

As a divorce and family law litigator, Sonia witnessed the confusion, inflexibility and inefficiencies inherent to the adversarial divorce process; the archaic one-size fits all system often made it unnecessarily difficult to achieve her client’s goals.  She saw the value of using technology to simplify and streamline the process, thus saving her clients time, money and stress.

Having experienced her own divorce, Sonia truly appreciates the importance of building a reliable and trustworthy support team. Despite her deep legal understanding of the law, she quickly realized she couldn’t face her own divorce alone. Sonia reached out and created a multi-disciplinary team to support her process – a safe space, where she could begin her personal divorce journey and find her road to recovery.

Sonia founded divorceify to create a safe, confidential space for people to receive the holistic support they need as they navigate divorce and re-build their lives.  Sonia wants to provide others with the same team approach that she found so helpful - surround yourself with professionals who really “get it” and you become empowered to embrace the next chapter and build a bright future.   

Sonia is originally from Barcelona and is fluent in Spanish and Catalan. She is currently living in Miami Beach, Florida.  In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, food photography, consulting with other small businesses, yoga, traveling, and spending time with her cat, Bella. She is a graduate of Northeastern University School of Law in Boston, and American University in Washington, D.C.