Tali Koss



“The world needs more lawyers … who code.”

The business of law and the litigation process as it exists today are unsustainable models that present hurdles to litigants seeking timely, cost effective, and meaningful resolutions. We need passionate lawyers dedicated to modernizing and improving an antiquated legal system. As a lawyer, and most recently as a developer, Tali seeks to bridge the gap between law and technology.  She is passionate about executing divorceify’s vision of building impactful technology solutions, which will help millions of individuals and divorce professionals efficiently and effectively navigate the divorce process.

Tali spent several years clerking for Supreme Court judges in the New York State Court System.  From this unique vantage point, Tali observed the challenges faced by all parties -- litigants navigating a complex judicial system, attorneys running a practice, and judges balancing a heavy docket.  Driven by a desire to effectuate pragmatic solutions to the systemic inefficiencies her work uncovered, Tali learned to code.  Her background as a developer and her experience as an attorney for the court, give Tali a distinctive approach to the legal tech space.

Tali received her BA in Economics from Barnard College - Columbia University, and her JD from Brooklyn Law School in New York.  Her coding journey began at Launch Academy in Boston, Massachusetts.

Tali is currently living in Boston with her husband and daughter. She looks forward to teaching her daughter to code, and believes in empowering other women and girls to learn to code at any age.